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Dive Shop Assistant
Padi Eco Dive Centre

As a dive shop assistant, your role is vital in supporting the daily operations of our dive shop and ensuring a great experience for our customers. 



Job Scopes:

  1. Help with Shop Opening and Closing:
    You'll assist the dive shop crew in opening and closing procedures, ensuring everything is organized and ready for the day. This helps create a smooth start and end to each day.


  2. Scuba Tank Filling:
    Scuba tanks filling play a major role as a dive shop assistant, and you'll be trained to help fill scuba tanks. Working with the dive crew, you'll ensure tanks are properly filled and ready for customers to use.


  3. Clearing Away Used Scuba Tanks:
    You'll help the dive crew by clearing away used scuba tanks, keeping the dive area tidy and organized for the next divers.


  4. Provide Snorkeling & Diving Information:
    You'll be a knowledgeable resource for walk-in customers, providing information about snorkeling and diving. Answering their questions and offering guidance will help them make informed decisions.


  5. Take Down Dive Snacks Orders:
    After dives, customers may be hungry, so you'll take their snack orders. This ensures they get a satisfying post-dive refreshment.


  6. Maintain Dive Shop Pantry and Used Cups:
    You'll take care of the dive shop's tea pantry section, keeping it stocked and organized. You'll also clean and maintain used cups, ensuring a clean and inviting environment.

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