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31″ Johanne Defay – TEAL & WHITE (THD)

31″ Johanne Defay – TEAL & WHITE (THD)


The 31″ Johanne Defay – TEAL & WHITE (THD) SmoothStar sounds like a great option for land-based surf training, especially if you're looking for a board designed for female surfers or riders seeking a more responsive and performance-oriented experience.


- Developed with Johanne Defay: Specifically designed with input from professional female surfer Johanne Defay, catering to the needs and preferences of female riders.

- Deeper concave: Compared to other SmoothStar models, it features a deeper concave, allowing for stronger carving maneuvers and better compression through turns, mimicking the feeling of ocean surfing.

- Wider tail: The wider tail provides more space and stability for the back foot, especially beneficial for riders with wider feet.

- Thruster D technology: Incorporates the latest Thruster D technology, delivering 12-15% more hold and drive for a more realistic surfing experience.


The 31″ Johanne Defay – TEAL & WHITE (THD) SmoothStar is an excellent choice for female surfers and riders seeking a high-performance land-based training board that offers a realistic surfing experience and caters to their specific needs.

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