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(pronounced /nee-art/)

Sounding phonetically like "niat" which means "intention" in Bahasa Malaysia, we are motivated by our love for Nature, the Environment, and Art

Born in the time of pandemic, inspired by the Bubbles Dive Resort's conservation efforts, and motivated by our mutual appreciation for art, the team behind NEArt is driven by one sole purpose: to share our love for our natural environment, and our passion to protect and preserve it by driving public awareness on the urgency and importance of conserving wildlife and its habitats -- through various expressions of art.

Who are we?
We are a collective of professional artists, scuba divers, resort and tour operators, wildlife enthusiasts, and educators. Together, we are NEArt. 



To create and promote greater awareness for the conservation of our natural environment, and to express our love for nature through art and culture. We do this by collaborating with creative minds from across the globe to put together works of art that will go towards funding conservation efforts such as the Bubbles Turtle and Reef Conservation Project. 


To fund and help sustain conservation efforts, starting with the preservation of turtles' nesting grounds under the Bubbles Turtle and Reef Conservation Project. We will also roll out a series of educational programmes with the aim of increasing the public's awareness towards the conservation of our natural environment, and driving action for change and sustainability.


Bubbles Dive Resort and its renowned Turtle and Reef Conservation Project was established in 2004 by a group of passionate individuals who care deeply about preserving marine life in their natural habitats. The Resort is located on an isolated part of Perhentian Besar, surrounded by thick and lush forest which protects its thriving house reef and white sandy beach where many turtles nest -- which the Turtle Project looks after.




Unlike many other conservation projects which are funded by the government or private corporations, the Bubbles Turtle and Reef Conservation project has been fully supported by the Resort over the past 17 years. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic which had a devastating impact on the tourism industry, Bubbles Dive Resort struggled to keep the conservation project going. 


Due to COVID-19, the need arose for the Project to seek the public's assistance to help keep it afloat. Leveraging the artistic talents of a few individuals, NEArt was established to raise funds for the conservation project. Thanks to the many who came forward to extend their support, NEArt was able to raise enough financial assistance for the conservation project to continue protecting nesting turtles and other precious marine life. 



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Today, NEArt continues to grow and evolve to serve the needs of the marine life it has committed itself to protect, as well as the surrounding community -- through education, awareness campaigns, as well as fundraising projects. 

It was by no coincidence that we chose the name NEArt, which sounds like "niat" in Bahasa Malaysia meaning "intention". As we grow our efforts through NEArt, we pour all our best intentions and harness those of the people who care about conservation and preservation of our natural environment, as we do, to do our bit to create a better, healthier, and more sustainable environment for all. 

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