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Who are we?


We’re a bunch of enthusiastic peeps who believe in the moto of “Living with Intention”.

We believe to live intentionally is to indulge ourselves in wondering, discovering and learning what life has to offer through experience.

What more better way to do these than through Nature and Art?


Why the combo, you’d say?


Well, nature's our zen master, dishing out tranquility generously. 


And art? – it's like a magic portal to another dimension of expression. 


Mash’em up, and you're in for an adventure beyond yourself, forming bonds with fellow explorers who get that same giddy feeling.


Besides having all the fun, our tribe is all about preserving nature’s beauty. It's like throwing a party where Mother Nature's the guest of honor.


Oh, and let's not forget the art of it all. We're not just experiencing nature – we're using art as our secret decoder ring.

We're talking about stuff like breathing in the underwater world, or the graceful dance of body movements while riding those epic waves.

Nature's the canvas, and we're the artists.


So, why are we here?


We're all about soaking up the goodness of nature and diving into the creative chaos of art, and we're ready to share the good vibes with our community through NEART. 


NEART, inspired by the Malaysian term "Niat" for "intention," playfully mixes Nature and Art, creating a purposeful and inspiring environment. 


Let's navigate this crazy journey of life, fueled by the soul-nourishing combo of nature, art, and some good old-fashioned community spirit.

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