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Project HippoTag - Seahorse Tagging Experience

Merambong Seagrass Meadow, Johor, Malaysia

Did you know male seahorses are the only ones who get pregnant and give birth?

Did you also know that seahorses are not strong swimmers?

 They rely on their dorsal fin for stability and tail for gripping onto corals.

If you're fascinated by seahorses...


Join the Save Our Seahorse (SOS) team for a seahorse tagging experience!

This program focuses on spotting seahorses and pipefish for population assessment. Participants will shadow the expert team, getting up close with seahorses and their habitats.


The tagging process involves walking in shallow waters, making it perfect for families with young children. Our trained team members will measure, identify gender, assess health, and tag these creatures before setting them free.


Additionally, participants who spot seahorses independently will get to name their own seahorses!

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To protect the seahorses, we need to know where the wild populations are, how they are changing and also what kinds of threats they are facing. This includes tracking the change in sizes and health of the seahorses. 

Your findings will help researches to track population status, reveal potential impacts from human activities, and discover new aspects of seahorse biology. 



RM100/child (age 4 - 12)

What's included?

✔ Seahorse Tagging Experience

✔ Guidance from Save Our Seahorses (SOS) team

✔ Boat ride to and from project site

What's excluded?

✘ Meals

✘ Transportation

✘ Other expenses not mentioned above

Who is eligible to participate?

  • Age 4 and above (Child under the age of 4 is not recommended for safety reasons)

What do you get out of this experience?

✔ Learn about seahorse biology and habitats

✔ Gain hands-on experience in seahorse population assessment and tagging techniques

✔ Understand the importance of conservation efforts for seahorses and marine ecosystems​

✔ Enjoy the thrill of spotting seahorses in their natural environment

✔ Have the opportunity to name seahorses they spot independently

✔ Contribute to scientific research and conservation initiatives

Check out our dates and itinerary, 

plan your trip!

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Seahorse Tagging Itinerary (1).png

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Seahorse Tagging Experience

Merambong Seagrass Meadow, Johor


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