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Nature . Environment . Art

Preserve your favorite marine life.

NEArt is

derived from the Malay word "Niat", 

which means Intention.

We believe that setting and understanding your intention is important for anything you do,

as it guides your actions and gives you purpose, 

leading to personal growth and fulfillment.

Our intention, or "Niat," is to help people discover more about themselves through a journey that intertwines Nature, Environment, and Art (NEArt).

Be part of our community!

at RM20/year (cancel anytime)

We share experiences, products, contents, workshops that revolves around Nature, Environment and Art.


Learning underwater photography to capture beautiful stories of the underwater world


Get to know about seahorses and their habitat under the beautiful sunset

Immersing in Nature fosters mindfulness and introspection.

When in Nature, our senses are engaged to help us reconnect with our mind, body and emotion.


Experience the work behind sea turtle conservation


Diving alongside marine life, understanding their place in this world.

It allows us to experience the vastness of Nature,

enabling us to understand our place in the world a little better.

Artbook14 copy.png

We cherish all forms of Art and use it as a means to understand ourselves and the world better.

Whether creating your own art or analyzing others' works, art reveals subconscious thoughts, patterns, and desires, facilitating deeper self-discovery.

Express your creativity while learning about snorkel tips & tricks with our hand drawn snorkel log book. 


Drift wood collected are transformed into a beautiful piece of lamp.

Capture your dive experience in this hand drawn dive journal. 

Add your stickers collection by supporting local illustrators.



We aim to create an Environment where people can come together to enjoy, learn, and grow through Nature and Art, all while minimizing negative impact to this world.

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